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Understanding the client...

When we meet you for the first time, we meet someone who is going to play an integral role in building their custom home. We want you to feel like your suggestions and opinions matter throughout the process. During our initial meeting, we will discuss what feeling and "quality of life" elements you want for your custom home and work to devise ways to acheive them.


After our architect has drawn your home design and layout feasible to the rural land or municipal lot selected; we may suggest ways to modify the home plan so that it achieves the optimal quality and design for the cost and best meets your needs and expectations.


Custom Construction Builders carefully selects which trade partners we recommend to our clients. We have built relationships with designers and architects who are recognized for their innovative design ideas. Our in-house Design Coordinator will seamlessly bring your ideas to life. She will guide you through the design process and will help you refine your evolving vision.


Understanding the stages of the building process and the essential elements of your construction project will save you time and money. View the chronological listing and LEARN MORE on The Stages of Construction. 


The hallmark of Custom Construction Builders, Inc. is customer satisfaction and our planning process ensures that your new custom home will bring you happiness for many years.

Every Home We Build...

Is As Unique As Our Customers